Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear All

So, this, for now, is the farewell post. The pre-exam farewell post, that is. At the risk of turning this into a vote of thanks speech, I want to say to the lot of you, 'thank you' so very much for an energetic, creative few weeks and months; for putting up with my research moods and whims, and handling the deliberate lack of structure and rampant anxieties like pro's! Yesterday's final lecture brought the 301 class together, and standing before you guys overwhelmed me beyond measure. I am proud of the work produced this term, and I hope that the social science degree you are about to complete, will colour your life in wonderful ways. The bad news is that from this point onward, you will, for the rest of your life, analyse EVERYTHING. Maybe thats the good news.

In terms of the exam, as was discussed in class yesterday, remember you have two hours for two essays. Plan your use of time carefully. You have a choice of three essay questions of which you choose the two that most appeal to you. Your readings and notes on Foucault and Derrida are of most relevance in preparing for the exam. Also rely on discourse around social constructions of identity, looking at the various features that might impact thereon. Feel free to stop by my office should you wish to chat about exam prep, research, etc. My consultation times are daily from 10am-12 as of now, and until the 6 June 2008 (The exam is on the 7 June 2008). I leave UKZN on the 30 June.

Best wishes

Friday, May 16, 2008


Cultural Hybridities and Purities: Art Exhibition - Durban Art Gallery

Produced by Leora Farber, in collaboration with the South African design team Strangelove, Carlo Gibson and Ziemek Pater, 'Dis-Location / Re-Location' will be on show at the Durban Art Gallery from 15 May until 27 July.
The premise of this multi-media, multi-disciplinary exhibition is how cultural identities are formed, re-defined and become 'hybridised'. The body of artwork challenges common assumptions that exist regarding cultural purity — one such assumption being that identity is static.

Leora Farber is a senior lecturer in the Fine Art Department at the University of Johannesburg. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and is the recipient of numerous awards and research grants. Clothing designers Carlo Gibson and Ziemek Pater are the owners of the company and clothing label Strangelove which specializes in designing and producing original, individual and innovative clothing.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Final Lecture: Exam Prep and Book Awards

Dear All

I will attend the final lecture at Chem A on Thursday 22 May 2008, by kind invitation of Vanessa, in order to speak to you a bit about preparation for the June exam. In addition, there will be a book award presentation to the top thirty students in that time. Think of this as our little farewell party. I look forward to meeting you for this last time.

All the best