Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hi All

Please note that as a matter of easy facilitation, your course reading packs will be given out in the lecture tomorrow, Thursday 21 Feb 08. For those of you ambling into the course as late as this (second week of term!), lecture times are as follows:

Monday: 12-20 to 13-05
Tuesday: 10:30 to 12-10
Thursday: 14:10 to 15:40

Since there is no Friday lecture, Thursdays double constitutes a lecture and not a tutorial. The blog now serves as a participatory feature of the course and replaces tutorial sessions. Please make an attempt to engage in the discussions both here and in class, as participation counts for 10% of your assessment! By sharing and learning from each other, we hope to really get into the idea of starting with ourselves, and our own biographies as a resource!

All the best..

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Anonymous said...

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