Friday, March 21, 2008

Racism illustrates warped power dynamics

Racism illustrates warped power dynamics
by Patrick Craven

Hi all.. This article was recently published by IOLS research newsletter at UKZN online. Read the article at the following link, and join the discussion at their page/link at the bottom of the on the discussion link and you will be directed to the iols commentary blog. IOLS also encourages writing from students, so if anyones interested in writing an article for publication, let me know.


Anonymous said...

After reading the article I am filled with frustration, yes most of the comments are correct however they seem to lack deeper thought and are one dimensional. I agree with the article in-that racism reflects an economic system dominated by one single race group and because of this I believe racism will always be around. Comparing Pick n’ Pays CEO’s pay-check to that of the average wage seems ‘off topic’ and rather random. The rich getting richer and poor getting poorer is a global problem not only South African problem. This article often represents an arbitrary attack on capitalism and white South African’s therefore lacking an open-minded approach.

R. Andraos

Anonymous said...

thandeka M
After reading the article it actually got me thinking if ever the equality that our fathers and mothers fought for will ever come to existence because experinces that most people go through in every day life.Racism still exist and still prevails even with the children that were born way after 1994 it in their heads,e.g when I went to the beaach at Ballito and i walked pass a little boy that was at the change room as I was walking towards he started shouting at me saying that I should getting way from him and at some point it was just s little boy being afraid of a stranger but as soon as he shouted "Kafer" it hit me that this child was definatelty living ith racists people and that he was going to grow wit this image of black people as people who hould just stay away from him.

Racism is way to difficult to eradicate as the author said when there are still a lot of socio-economic inequalities for I think that where this was rooted and if still exists then it will always be there

I know black people that do not like white people and will do bad things to them just because they are white and they conclude that they are stubborn but most importantly that they rae more priviledged and fortunate then they are.