Thursday, April 3, 2008

Final Essay Extension


The Final Essay deadline has been extended to Wed 9 April 2008 @ 12noon.
If you are, at this point, happy with your final, please come in and see me, I will accept hand-ins before the 9th as well. All the best.


206508302 said...

Hallo,today I've been having back to back classes since 8-40 until 12-20. I hadn't gotten around to printing my essay because I assumed class would come out before12 and I would then have time to simply access a computer and print out my work. Unexpectedly we had load-shedding til 14h00(which is way passed the dead line.) I tried coming to your office but simingly you were out and I also had class @14h10. May I still come in tommorrow to submit it?

KimyaShafinaaz said...


Because the extended deadline worked on additional seven days, we have been stricter on hand-ins. While I have continued to accept papers after 12 noon today, please note that late hand-ins get -5% per day. I received this note at 16:35pm. Any papers received after 8:30am tomorrow will be subjected to -10%. Please bring it in to me later today.

Anonymous said...

Hi I should have submitted my work last week, but I was dissapointed 2 hear that you have granted extension,after i spent the whole night typing my work. So I had to stay with my work till wednesday the 9th. Of course there are no books but I think the reading pack as well has all the information a person need to complete the assignment.Its not a complain you are just nice to those who are not serious abt their work.

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